CONVERSATION WITH… a loaf of bread…struggling with age discrimination

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While walking in a park winding around the Yellow Brick Road, I approached a loaf of bread on a lace picnic table. The bread seemed to be left behind. She only has a few slices left because she had  been part of tuna sandwiches, peanut butter, ham and cheese, egg salad…basically every kind of sandwich known to man.  She looked depressed, so I sat down at the table and we started to chat.

Hey loaf,  I hope you won’t think I’m barging in.  I’m just noticing you’ve led an active life.  I mean, you’ve obviously  put a lot of your slices out in the world.  Why are you sitting here alone?

LOAF:  Age discrimination.

How so?

LOAF:  Well, I’m not soft the way I used to be.  I’m beginning to get stale and it’s noticeable.  No one wants to work with me.  They only want young and new and fresh bread.

I see that kind of thing happening in my life, too. It’s really painful.

LOAF:  I know.  I mean, I might not have the exact same texture I used to, and the plastic bag around my loaf is deflated, but I’m still me!  I got the same creative energy!  I got ideas for sandwiches that would be amazing!   But nobody wants to hear what I have to say anymore…

I know what you’re saying.  So, how do you handle being in situations with bread loaves who have less experience?

LOAF:  I listen to them talk about how they were in a ham sandwich for the first time, or how they were part of a BLT, or it was their first time on a lunch meeting platter in an office. I marvel at it, but I’ve been there! I’ve been through all those phases!  I’m blessed. But where am I going from here?

Have you searched the internet for recipes using stale bread?  There are lots of them.  You know like, stale bread is used all the time in stuffing, bread pudding, breadcrumbs to make meatballs and meat loaf.  Maybe that would be more inspiring right now.

LOAF:  But if I decide to transition like that, I’ll have to network.  And I hate networking.  The thought of it makes me anxious.

I hear ya.  I know this might sound weird, but maybe there’s a reason for this stage in your life that you’re not seeing. I mean, when you were part of sandwiches, you looked at the world from the top and bottom.

LOAF:  So?

So if some of your slices become breadcrumbs, you’ll see the world through the middle, in the center…instead of the top and bottom.  It could bring out a whole new part of you on a creative level.

LOAF:  I hadn’t thought of that.

 I have an idea.

LOAF:  I’m listening.

I hate to cook, but I’ve always wanted to make a meat loaf. How ‘bout if I take a few of your slices and use them as breadcrumbs in a meat loaf?  That would get you going in a new direction.

LOAF:  You would do that for me?

Yup.  In fact, I’m here looking for my spark, so we’d both get something out of it.  I’d get to make a meat loaf…but I can’t guarantee how it’s gonna taste.

LOAF:  I’m in.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 10.10.13 AM


The bread loaf noticed after crumbling some of her stale slices into a meat loaf, the end of her plastic bread bag became longer.  Instead of being depressed about physical changes she hated due to aging, she grabbed a hair accessorie and created a new look for herself.  

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 10.10.19 AMAwesome ponytail! 


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