CONVERSATION WITH… The Tooth Fairy Exploring Her Second Career

tooth fairy2I noticed the Tooth Fairy, huffing and puffing while fluttering near a cloud above the Yellow Brick Road.  I stopped her before she flew through a window to pick up a tooth.

Hey Tooth Fairy, you sound like you’re out of breath.  

TOOTH FAIRY:  Yep.  I’m on overload tonight.  Not to mention all the other nights.

I can imagine! You cover a lot of territory.  I didn’t realize that included houses on the Yellow Brick Road. You’re up all night, every night, flying to kids’ homes all over the country, taking teeth from under pillows and replacing them with money or gifts.  

TOOTH FAIRY:  Yeah, but I’m reaching a turning point.  I  can’t watch over all these kids anymore.  I can’t take the commute.  I’m exhausted.

 I can understand that.  I’ve commuted for most of my career three hours a day, back and forth from the city. It does take its toll.

TOOTH FAIRY: Definitely.   I mean, in my case, using a GPS helps.  At least I don’t have to find every house with a map.  But now I have arthritis in my wings.   And when I sleep all day, I can’t get myself up at sunset anymore to start work.  I can’t put in those hours.  I just can’t do it.

Is fatigue the only reason you’re thinking of slowing down?

TOOTH FAIRY:  No. It took me a while to admit this to myself, but it’s also boredom.  I’ve been all over the country.  Every city. Every town. Every neighborhood. It’s enough with the constant traveling already. And there are a lot of other fairies who would love this job.  It’s time to pass the baton.

It’s admirable that you can admit that.

TOOTH FAIRY:  Don’t get me wrong. It’s gonna be hard to give up my title.  When people meet me and find out I’m the Tooth Fairy, they automatically like me. I don’t know if being a regular fairy will depress me.

So what are you thinking of doing instead?

TOOTH FAIRY: I’d like to stay in the tooth industry.  But I’d rather make people smile who are closer to my age.  So I’m thinking of becoming an Implant Fairy.

How would that work?

TOOTH FAIRY:  Well, I figure there are fewer people who need implants than kids in the country whose teeth fall out every single night.  So I’d only travel to adults’ homes where people need implants.  And I’d put money under the pillows of those who can’t afford them.

That’s most of us.

TOOTH FAIRY:  My thinking exactly. Most adults who need implants could use the money.

Actually, coincidentally, my back tooth just fell out last week.  Would you consider stopping at my house?

TOOTH FAIRY: It depends. Are you a light sleeper?

Yes.  Anything wakes me up in a split second.

TOOTH FAIRY:  Then I probably won’t come to you.  I don’t have the energy to sneak in and try not to wake people who are sleeping anymore.  It’s too stressful.  But, you never know.  I might surprise you.




21 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH… The Tooth Fairy Exploring Her Second Career

  1. Hi there Cathi!

    I LOOOOVE your concept… I don’t have much free time these days, but I will definately go through your whole blog, no matter how much time it’ll take 🙂 xx


      • Thank you for the follow back, Cathi 🙂 Yes, I love the interview format, and your great imagination 🙂 I’m glad our paths have come to cross in the Bloggosphere too, and I’m looking forward to entertaining you in return for the good giggles I get from reading your work!

        Have a great week! xx

        Liked by 1 person

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