CONVERSATION WITH…a blown out birthday candle

Continuing my journey over the hill on the Yellow Brick Road, one evening I arrived in the Land of the Blown Out Birthday Candles.  I wandered over to one who was only about an inch tall.  She looked as if she was in deep thought.

one eyeball candle


 Hey Candle, mind if I ask what you’re thinking about?

CANDLE: I’m trying to figure out my ridiculous life at the moment.

Me too. What’s your issue?

CANDLE: I was at the top of my game.  In all my glory.  And then, in a split second, I was useless.

Woah, that’s traumatic.  What happened?

CANDLE: Well…to make a long story short, I was put on top of an amazing birthday cake.  I was surrounded by buttercream, icing, roses, the works. And I was right in the center of the cake!  Happy people surrounded me!  They were singing!  Someone lit my flame, and actually made a wish on me!  The peak of my career!  My greatest moment!!


CANDLE: And then I was blown out. Kaput.  Now no one cares what happens to me.   Life can be so puzzling and cruel.

I’m with ya.

CANDLE: So, what are you doing here?

I’m trying to find my spark.  You know, the light that inspires me.

CANDLE: Me too! That’s my next move. The weird thing is, even though I’m older and shrinking, my flame is as strong and high as any full blown candle!  Here I am with my younger, blue boyfriend.  Check us out!

two eyeball candlesAwesome!

CANDLE: Yeah! I mean, age doesn’t seem to change the intensity of our light.

It’s interesting you should say that, because as I get older, I think the light inside me is weaker.  I don’t have the same forceful, inner glow I used to.

CANDLE: Nah.  I think we just have to re-channel what’s driving us.  I think that’s what changes over time, not the size of our flames.

Yeah but, the process can be tough. I mean, I used to love wearing high heels.  I loved buying eccentric shoes.  Now high heels really hurt my feet, so I don’t buy them anymore. Stuff like that just feels sad.  Like it’s the end of an era.

CANDLE: Yeah. That’s tough for humans. I’m glad I’m a candle.

Consider yourself lucky.

CANDLE: But I have my problems.  Like, it’s painful and terrifying to admit, but I’m only about an inch tall so I don’t think I have a lot of time left.  I’d like to mean something to someone as long as I can.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying.  So, how about if we take a selfie?  I stink at taking pictures.  But if we take the selfie, every time I look at it I’ll be reminded of the ongoing, strong light in all of us, as long as we’re lucky enough to be here.

CANDLE: I’m in.  Take the selfie.  I hope I won’t look fat.  Anytime you’re ready.

candle selfie

CANDLE: You’re right. You do stink at taking pictures.

But I captured the essence.



Following up:  I stayed with the candle until her flame flickered and was no more. But at the moment her flame disappeared, I noticed a graceful stream of smoke escaping from her wick and dispersing in the air. So the candle is still with us.  Her flame has just taken a different form in the mysterious universe.

candle stream


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