CONVERSATION WITH… the ocean… Living forever doesn’t solve it all.

I sat down on a beach beside the Yellow Brick Road and I ended up having my most challenging conversation.


Hey Ocean, do you have a few minutes to talk?

OCEAN: I’ve got time. Been here forever. Here now. Looks like I’ll be around eternally.  What brings you to these parts?

I’m looking for my spark.  As I get older, I’m not sure where I fit in the world.   It’s calming sitting here with you.  You remind me how small I am. How I must be part of something bigger.  The little things I worry about every day don’t matter as much.

OCEAN: I appreciate your kind words.  After millions of years, I think I’ve got it down.

Actually, I envy you. You’ll be here forever.  I can’t imagine how that feels. Sometimes getting older makes me so sad.

OCEAN: Quote honestly, eternity doesn’t solve everything. I’m dealing with some deeper stuff under the surface.

Like what?

OCEAN: Well, I carry a lot of life inside me. Fish, reptiles, plants, insects…life on every level. And human beings surround me. But there’s just so much I can do for them. The wind and gravitational pull around me controls what ultimately happens.  I still feel responsible.  Everything’s my fault.

Sounds like how I feel about being the mom of my two adult children.  I can be supportive. But I can’t save them.  They’re on their own paths now.

OCEAN:  It’s hard to admit this, but through the years, I’ve done some devastating damage. Unintentionally.  You know, being part of hurricanes, tidal waves, floods has destroyed lost of lives.

I’ve messed up my kids’ lives in some ways, too.  Like, I encouraged one to try to achieve more than he could.  The other doesn’t have a strong backbone because I did too much coddling.  Now I’m paying for those mistakes and trying to turn them around.

OCEAN:  Good luck to you. That’s hard.

I guess it helps to remind ourselves we’re doing the very best we can.

OCEAN:  So true.






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