CONVERSATION WITH…A Mom Bird Feeling Helpless When Her Young Birds Text From Far Away

Traveling Over The Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I happened upon the Land of the Emotionally Distraught Moms.  At the entrance, I noticed a Mom Bird sitting in a tree beside her phone. She looked helpless.


Excuse me, Mom Bird, do you need to borrow a phone charger?  I’ve got mine here.

MOM BIRD:  No thanks. That’s not why I’m an emotional wreck.

So, what’s bothering you?

MOM BIRD:  You know, I used to think the best thing about this exceptionally long beak of mine was I could dig up worms faster than any other Mom Bird. Turns out, that’s not the best thing about it.

Well then, what is?

MOM BIRD:  I can text my bird kids faster than anyone around here.  My beak-to-phone precision is amazing  as long as I don’t smash the screen.

I noticed you’ve had a few accidents.

MOM BIRD:  Yeah.  Well, I’ve had a lot of frantic moments and I’ve lost beak control. 

Like when?

MOM BIRD: It basically all started when my bird kids grew up and moved really far away from our nest.   It would take me weeks to fly to my son and daughter.  Plus my son is emotionally far away.  He doesn’t text unless he’s on the edge.

I’m a mom myself.  I know the deal.  It’s the reason my neck hurts.

MOM BIRD:  So you must know the worst part!  When my kids don’t feel well, or they’re very unhappy or don’t know how to handle something, even though they’re on the other side of the world, who do they call first?  Me!  Me!  And Me!

That’s the story of my life.

BIRD MOM: And what are we supposed to do about it? Who told them to move to the other side of the world?  I feel so helpless!!!!   I can’t hug them!  I can’t make them tea or a warm bowl of worm soup!  I can’t spread my wing across their foreheads to see if they have fever!  I can’t fly them on my back to the doctor!  SO, WHAT ARE THEY CALLING ME FOR?

Because no matter where our kids go and who they meet, we will always be “mommy.”

BIRD MOM:  And we’ll always be with them.




8 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH…A Mom Bird Feeling Helpless When Her Young Birds Text From Far Away

  1. Thank you! Simple and to the point! In these situations, I guess we’re forced to let go of the control we think we have over our kids and watch them manage their lives (no matter how crazy). It’s yet another hurdle. 🙂


  2. Your post clutched at my heart because I am going through the same thing. But, I’ve also noticed when I am going through a rough spot that is when I miss my mom the most and wish she were here to comfort me. (I’m 64 years old and still want my mommy to comfort me) We are lucky because we can still be there for our little birds who have flown the coop. Hang in there Momma Bird. Someday, they will call just to chat.


  3. Im lucky to have one third of my family about three minutes away, another two hours away, but my first born and family live three thousand miles away, so I know the feeling.😌


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