CONVERSATION WITH…a mom trampoline

Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I passed through the Land of the Distraught Moms. Before I left, everyone told me if I was looking for my spark and where I belong in the world,  I absolutely had to speak to the trampoline.  I found her near the exit sign and started a conversation…


Excuse me Trampoline, what brings you to the Land of the Distraught Moms?

TRAMPOLINE:  Actually, I’m a regular here.  A fixture.  I’m kind of an institution.

How so?

TRAMPOLINE:  I represent all moms…eternally.

Are you a mom, too?

TRAMPOLINE: Well, as a trampoline, I couldn’t have children of my own.  But I’ve adopted many.

That’s so lovely.

TRAMPOLINE:  Thank you. But all my kids have grown now and they’ve left the Yellow Brick Road.

My kids have grown up, too. It’s pretty new for me.

TRAMPOLINE: They do come back, you know.

But it’s different.

TRAMPOLINE:  Yes, it is.  My children often come back when they’re disappointed or feeling lost or confused.  They jump down on me with such force I’m sure I’m going to break.  I feel their pain.  And then it’s my job to spring them back up into the air again. Higher and higher!  I lift their spirits and remind them how high they can go if they choose to.

And then they leave again…

TRAMPOLINE:  Exactly.   But we’re always here to give them a boost. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

I nodded, and with that, I went on my way.  As I left the Land of Distraught Moms, I saw I had a lot more in common with a trampoline than I’d realized.






6 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH…a mom trampoline

  1. Saying “I love you” is said in many ways. What a blessing to have kids who know they can come to you for comfort and to make them feel good.

    Now imagine you had a Mom who only called to say she was miserable and then went away. How enjoyable THAT would be!
    I, myself, just came from therapy. Feel like the trampoline!


  2. You basically nailed that one! Motherhood is a lot like being a trampoline…we launch our kids and they bounce away, for a while. But when they are “down” they come back for us to bounce them up again. Nice post!


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