Conversation with…A Peach…With A Pit In His Stomach

Wandering Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I ran into a peach tree surrounded by raspberry, blackberry and blueberry bushes.  I noticed one peach hanging low on a branch and moping.  I had to find out why…


Uh, Peach, I know it’s none of my business, but why are you moping?

PEACH: No one will ever want me.

What? Why?

PEACH: Here’s the bottom line.  I’m a peach.  I know I’m ultimately going to be eaten. I get that and I’m on board with it.

So why wouldn’t anyone want you?

PEACH: Because I have a pit.  I mean, look around us.  There are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries everywhere.  All you have to do is pick them and eat them. But if you pick me, you have to deal with my pit.  Why bother? There’s enough stress in the world.

You think your pit is stressful?

PEACH: I know it’s stressful!  After you eat me, what are you supposed to do with my pit? Put it in your pocket? Carry it around with you all day? Stuff it in your purse?

Well, if it makes you feel better, sometimes I feel a pit inside me, too…a pit in my stomach.

PEACH: You don’t resemble a peach in any shape or form.

I’m not talking about a literal pit. It’s an emotional pit.  Whenever I think people don’t accept me because I’m older, I feel a pit in my stomach.

PEACH: That stinks. When does it happen?

Well…when I’m in a trendy clothing store, if a salesgirl looks at me, I assume she’s wondering what the heck I’m doing there because I’m older.  I get that pit in my stomach.

PEACH: I see–

That’s the tip of the iceberg. When a repairman is on his way to my home to fix something, as soon as I open my front door, I feel that pit in my stomach.  I assume when he sees me he’s saying to himself, “Ugh. She’s older.”

PEACH: This goes pretty deep.

And when I apply for jobs, it’s the worst! As soon as I meet the hiring manager, the pit in my stomach shows up again. 

PEACH: What makes you so sure people are obsessed with the “older” stuff?

Because I don’t live on the Yellow Brick Road.  Where I come from, there are lots of unspoken messages about aging.  Like, being older is annoying, boring, depressing.  Older is something to avoid or dread. The idea is to look young.

PEACH: I’ll be honest with you.  When I first saw you, I noticed you were older.

I didn’t need to hear that.

PEACH: But! That’s not what I was focused on!  I was drawn to your personality, your sensibility, your spirit. That’s what makes you interesting.

Okay then, I’ll be honest with you.  Since you’re a peach, when I first saw you, I assumed you had a pit.

PEACH: I knew it!

But!  That’s not what I was focused on!  I was looking at your beautiful peach fuzz skin and your stunning shades of yellow and dark pink.  And I was thinking about how delicious you might be.

PEACH: So you don’t have an issue with my pit?

Not at all!  In fact, peaches are the best!  I can’t imagine the world without them!  You have your own, exclusive flavor.  You have a place in the world that’s unique to you.

PEACH; Same to you!

You didn’t have to say that.

PEACH: I know. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.  But here’s something I feel sure of. The next time I start obsessing with my pit, maybe I can say to myself, “Pit, I know you’re not going anywhere, but you have no right to screw up my life.”

I’m with you!  Maybe the pits in our stomachs will always be there, but we’ll never allow them to define us.




























12 thoughts on “Conversation with…A Peach…With A Pit In His Stomach

  1. If you replaced “old” for “fat” you would be talking about my whole life! But then, at 50 years old, I said to hell with it, got a breast reduction, learned how to scuba dive and never looked back. I would say what I learned was, no one really gives a shit, it was mostly in my head and just another excuse to stay in my comfort zone and not challenge myself. That, or it could be senility!!!


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