CONVERSATION WITH…A Kitten…Wondering If He Will Be Someone’s Last Pet

As I walked through a doorway Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I noticed a kitten who seemed to be searching for something.


Can I help you?

KITTEN: I’m looking for a home.  I need someone to take care of me.

Well, I’ve had lots of cats in my life.  Growing up, I had a black cat, Midnight, who lived a good, long life.  And then, when I was in my twenties, I had another gray striped cat, Hamlet.  He lived a long life, too. When he died, I got Teddy, my black and white cat.  And when his long life ended, I got a Maine Coon cat, Bosley.  He died last year.

KITTEN: It sounds like you’re a good cat mommy.  What’s your name?


KITTEN: Cathi, will you be my cat mommy? Take care of me?

Uh…I’m not sure I can do that.  I mean, I’m older now.  You might be my last cat.  You’re just a baby and your whole life’s ahead of you.  What if you live longer than I do?


Or what if I get too old to hold you in my arms?


Or what if I can’t bend over someday, so I won’t be able to give you your cat food?


Or what if my legs become too frail to play with you?


Or what if my hands are unsteady so I can’t pet you?


Or what if I run out of money and can’t afford to buy you food?


Or what if—

KITTEN: Cathi?


KITTEN: I just want to be with you.










































42 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH…A Kitten…Wondering If He Will Be Someone’s Last Pet

  1. Aww, this is the best thing I’ve read on the internet today… Accidentally, my mother, nearing her 70s, is considering getting another dog after her previous one died and is fretting about the same issues. Maybe unnecessarily.

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  2. Reblogged this on Happiness Between Tails by da-AL and commented:
    Guest Blog Post: “CONVERSATION WITH…A Kitten…Wondering If He Will Be Someone’s Last Pet,” in Cathi’s exact words

    Yearn for a pet but worry you’re not qualified? In this post, guest blogger Cathi addresses just about every possible apprehension.

    Can you think of more reasons?

    Intro by Cathi to her post below: “Cathi writes a blog about growing older with silliness, high spirits and a lot of heart. It’s a series of conversations with anything and everything in the universe. She believes we’re all still evolving and are part of something bigger. Here’s a conversation with a kitten who is wondering if he will be someone’s last pet:”


  3. Oh so sweet and reading this caused me to shed a few tears. You see I am very much a cat lover and currently have more than a few strays that came my way. I devote more than I should, money wise to my cats and my dogs. They are all older now but I have two young ones that are still more feral and need to be tamed. They are beautiful but I keep them in a separate room in the house as I work toward taming them. They were “throw away” cats, I’m pretty sure and were only about 3 months old when they showed up at my house. I had to trap them since they would have been eaten by a fox or coyote. They have been “fixed” and are getting a bit tamer now.

    The pic is great and I wish you many years to love and cherish the kitty. You will probably out live your cat. I am not a spring chicken either and in fact I am probably older than you. I attribute my pets to keeping me looking younger than my years and alert and walking “upright.” I feel blessed to have my animals and to be able to care for them.

    Regards, Yvonne D.


    • Hi Yvonne, I really appreciated your heartfelt, loving words about your cats and dogs and the careful ways you care for each of them. My new kitten was from a shelter (orginally found in a box in Home Depot), and I’m so very happy I could give him a home. I can tell he’s grateful to be here, too. I agree! We ARE blessed to have animals and to be able to care for them…no matter how old we are. 🙂

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