Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, after a rain shower, I watched a cloud pass away.  My mind wandered to a thought about my own life. As I grow older, it’s devastating and frightening when someone I’ve been close to is suddenly no longer here. Even when a celebrity passes on, I feel there’s something missing from life the way I know it.  I started thinking to myself, “Who or what will always be here for me?  Who or what can I count on no matter how old I become?”  Suddenly, I heard a bold voice cry out, “You can find the answer to that question in unexpected places!” I turned around, and there, standing behind me, was the “f” word.  What???


Uh—you’re the “f” word?  Right?

FUCK: Yup.  It’s okay.  You can say it.  Go ahead.


FUCK: Very good.  And it’s not like you haven’t said it before.

True.  But, how or why can I count on you no matter how old I become?

FUCK: Think about it.  Throughout your life, behind closed doors, when you’ve been incredibly frustrated or extremely upset, what’s the first word that springs from your lips?


FUCK: Exactly!  I’ve always been an immediate form of stress release for you. I should be included on your health plan. I’m freeing!  For a fleeting moment, I make life feel better.  And as long as you can say me, I’ll always be here for you.  I’ll never go away.

I guess that’s comforting in a warped way. Now that I think about it, when I’m angry or very confused, you ARE always there for me. 

FUCK: Of course I am.

I mean, whenever I’m driving and someone cuts in front of me, if I shout, “You freakin’ idiot!” it doesn’t make me feel better. It has be to, “You fuckin’ idiot!”

FUCK: It’s a fit.

Or if I’m running to catch a train and the door slams a split second before I can get on, “Oh darn” just doesn’t work.  It’s gotta be, “Fuck!!!”

FUCK: Totally.

And when my kids were little, if I couldn’t find them and I was terrified, when they finally showed up, there were no better words than, “Where the fuck were you???” Then I could take a deep breath.

FUCK: You got it!

Although…my kids did start to imitate me in front of their friends. I suppose they might have been invited on more playdates if I hadn’t said “fuck.”

FUCK: The world isn’t a perfect place.

Anyway…I thank you. You HAVE always been there for me in a healthy way, and I see now you always will be.  It’s reassuring to recognize this as I grow older and feel more alone.

FUCK: Not many people thank me…

Well, in that case, dearest blogger friends, if you have compliments, examples, or words of praise you’d like to share about the “f” word, please write them in the comment box.  On the other hand, if this post has upset or offended you, I’m really sorry! I know it’s not for everyone, but I felt it was something interesting to think about and–

FUCK: Stop fucking apologizing!


78 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH…THE “F” WORD… As It Speaks Out On Older Age

  1. In the service and in a lot of trade occupations, the F word is tossed about with abandon. When everybody uses it, there’s no point of shock value. That’s why I now get very creative when I’m ticked. Dingle-bongle for a D/B, Fargle you, for the f bomb. You cackle for the c – word.

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  2. This was good. Sometimes there is no substitute.❤️ We had a friend whose license plate was IINOFTIA. If Its Not One Fucking than Its Another!

    On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 11:41 AM OVER THE HILL on the YELLOW BRICK ROAD wrote:

    > overthehillontheyellowbrickroad posted: “Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick > Road, after a rain shower, I watched a cloud pass away. My mind wandered > to a thought about my own life. As I grow older, it’s devastating and > frightening when someone I’ve been close to is suddenly no longer here. > Even ” >

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  3. FUCK YEAH!!
    Although, I would be remiss if I declined to tell this tale: When Cathi’s son Brad (my beloved nephew) was a toddler and just learning to talk, I was struggling to clamp him into his car seat when he looked up at me with big, tender eyes and offered, “Just shove it the fuck in!”

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  4. More people ought to give a F**K. It matters. It’s a good old Nordic expletive that takes up little time or space in which to announce itself. I like it when it used quietly in awe-struck reverence. F*********K!

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  5. Although I’m not a fan of people who seem to insert the word into every sentence (as an adjective, adverb, noun and verb), I admit there are times when it truly is the only word that will do. I said it myself just yesterday when I thought I had finally finished walking all the shelter dogs and a staff person told me that there were fifteen more dogs in the sick wards still waiting for their morning bathroom break/walk…..

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  6. Thanks for the laugh Cathi…I good yell if F**k is good once in a while. I’m a year and 1/2 away from 70 and even though I embrace my aging, I can not belief I will be entering the 70th decade of my life soon. On my birthday I be sure to yell out F**K with gusto! Have a great day and thank you for following my blog.

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  7. Oh Fudge, I guess I should act like a grown up and use the real “F” word. I must admit, it rarely leaves my mouth. I listen to my daughter use it and laugh (3 kids, full time job, husband working 12 hour days). When it gets bad for her, she just admits. ‘What a cluster fuck.’


  8. I’ll tell you the story of my son’s friend’s bachelor party sometime, held at a state campground.
    We camped next door to a family with two children, and as the night wore on I insisted the drunken twenty-somethings substitute the word “Funning” for their fave. Riotous results.
    Around our house, the word was modified when my three-year-old grandson imitated his father’s speech. He sat down at the dinner table, looked at his plate and said “What the buck is this?”
    It’s been what-the-buck for about 16 years now.

    Seek peace,


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  9. Sometimes, the F-word is the perfect word. I’ve heard people say that an educated person shouldn’t have to resort to using such profanity when they should have a good command of language. But occasionally, there’s no better word to sum up a lousy situation—not to mention it can be very therapeutic. As for people I’ve gotten accustomed to being around suddenly passing on, that always seems to leave a void.

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  11. The most satisfying word when anger bites, and used sparingly it’s all good. This post made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I came here via Railia from Soul Gifts, so thank you to Raili too.


  12. Somebody said: It is good to use sparingly, overuse cheapens the currency. I liked that quotation, and so have done so . . .
    Man, I like what you do here, and am kicking myself for not having thought of it myself, as prone to silliness as I am, and to the chagrin of my teen kids. My blog is like teen-repellent to them!


  13. A commonly used expression (in many forms) during my time in the Marine Corps. I think the best one was said when in agreement to something said by another: “Fucking-A!” Others were downright nasty:
    “F—k this shit!” All in fun! 🙂


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