Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I passed an Assisted Living Center. I wondered who might live there.  A ham and cheese sandwich came out and cried, “Welcome! I’m Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother!”  I tried to respond with sensitivity…


Uh, actually, I think  you’re a ham and cheese sandwich.  You might be just a tad confused.

FAIRY GODMOTHER:  Ah ha ha.  I can see why you’d say that.  But I AM Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.  I just had an unfortunate mishap.  I combined two different spells as an experiment and accidentally turned myself into ham and cheese on rye.

Oh. Of course.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: I’m not going to stress over it.  I have my health. That’s what matters.

Well…but…aren’t you going to turn yourself back into a Fairy Godmother?

FAIRY GODMOTHER:  I can’t remember how to do it right now.  I can’t recall which two spells I combined.  I’m having a senior moment.

Sometimes I can’t remember little things, too.  It’s so annoying and upsetting when I can’t recall names of movie actors… or internet passwords…or names of people I went to school with.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Same here. But I try not to let it interfere with my creative process. I’m still an artistic soul.

I admire that. You know, I’ve been in creative meetings at my job when people realize I’ve already mentioned an idea… but I don’t remember I’ve said it before.  It’s embarrassing. I feel like quitting. I think I’m too old to be there.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Hogwash. I don’t let that stuff hold me back. It is what it is.  I remind myself I bring a lot to the table.  And other people might not have the same assets I do.

I wish I had your confidence.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: You just have to take a deep breath and remember to look at your whole being. And if you have a shortcoming because of your age, figure out a way to make it work for you.


FAIRY GODMOTHER: Well, for example, if one of my original magic spells is dated, I come up with a replacement that others might not have imagined.

Which one of your spells is dated?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: I’ve noticed not many people want to turn pumpkins into coaches these days. I did that for Cinderella to get to the ball, but now it’s old-fashioned. So instead of feeling like a useless fairy, I let my imagination run wild and created a new spell.  Now I turn microwaves into self-driving limousines.

I’d ride in one of those any day.

FAIRY GODMOTHER: Thank you! Then you’ll like this one!  People don’t want glass slippers with high heels anymore—like the kind I made for Cinderella.  The whole “suffer for beauty” thing is dying out.  So I designed a glass sneaker with memory foam.


FAIRY GODMOTHER: Thank you again!  You know, I’d love to talk more, but I have to meet Old Mother Hubbard in the dining room. She’s saving me a seat at her table for dinner.

Okay, sure.  But before you go, if you don’t mind that I’m asking, aren’t you just a little concerned about remaining a ham and cheese sandwich for the rest of your life?  What if you never remember how to turn yourself back?

FAIRY GODMOTHER: I’ve got it covered.  At the stroke of midnight, all my spells end. I always turn back into whatever I was before.

I guess SOME old spells are still the best.


Blogger friends, I don’t think this is as easy as it seems. How do you hold onto your magic?


45 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH…CINDERELLA’S FAIRY GODMOTHER…Holding Onto Her Magic in Older Age   

  1. Oh, and regarding holding on to the magic in Blogger World? I like to write in community, both in on-line prompt groups and in Saturday morning free-write sessions. It’s really fun and revitalizing to hear/read what others come up with, given the same prompt/time. And the group thing also keeps me regularly showing up at the page. Happy writing, Cathi! 😀

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  2. The other day I was worrying about how often I forget things – like words with three or more syllables (FYI: I had to stop to recall the word syllables). Then I got distracted by something and a few minutes later I was trying to recall what I had been worrying about – but couldn’t remember.


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  3. Hi Cathi. How do I hold on to my magic? Well, since I just tried turning MY microwave into a limo-driven car and it didn’t work, I just rely on my delusions and daydreams. They get me through! This was a fun post and I’ll never look at a sandwich the same way again!! XOXOXO!!!!

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  4. This strikes a cord… Sometimes I think there’s a black hole where my mind used to be, in other words: a blackout. And it gets worse with age. Wouldn’t mind a bite of this magic sandwich.. perhaps the spell would end at midnight and I’d go back to remembering 😉

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    • Great idea for a spell! And…I think there’s a black hole where my mind used to be, too. Or sometimes I imagine a clogged pipe somewhere in my mind when I can’t remember a name or something like that. If I sit long enough and think hard, sometimes I’ll remember that name. It’s almost like magic.

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  5. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this! I must have been magically transported to your delightful blog today, this is my very first visit and I will surely return. I, too, have those black hole moments and then I forget them. It has been said of me : You may not have lost all your marbles, but there’s definitely a hole in the bag. I doubt that I will ever risk eating another ham and cheese sandwich…just in case. Thank-you!


  6. Adorable and eerily resonant of one’s own life. As to holding the magic … well, I have this theory that we are all born an age which underpins our whole life – I have known babies who were like little old men and women and SO wise and I have known adults who are clearly no more than babies. My life age is 6, therefore I know no other way than to hold onto the magic 😉


  7. Just found you through Bernadette’s blog. So funny! I’m always happy to find another humor writer and I like how you got your point across- so clever. I love the idea of turning a microwave into a self driving limo and the glass slipper with memory foam is brilliant!


    • Hi! I’m always happy to find another humor writer, too! I’ll check out your blog later today (after I’ve had a cup of coffee and my eyes are fully open) and I’m sure I’ll be a follower. Nice to virtually meet you. I’m excited we’ll be sharing posts in 2018!


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