CONVERSATION WITH…The Wind…What Keeps It Blowing Through Time

I was at the tallest peak Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road. Suddenly, something pushed me down. It was the wind!


Thanks a lot, wind.

WIND:  Oops. Sorry. Didn’t see you there.

That’s okay. It’s just that you came out of nowhere.

WIND: Always have. Always do. Always will.  That’s how I roll.


WIND: Hey, you don’t look familiar. You’re not from around here, are you?

No. I’m visiting– trying to figure out where I belong in the world as I grow older.  I’m looking for my spark.

WIND:  Well, don’t sweat it too much. I’ve been around forever and I just keep going and going and going and going.

How?  Is there a thought or idea that propels you along eternally?

WIND: I just keep doing what I do.  Like, when I see leaves on a tree, I rush over and do a dance with them. It’s always new.  Every dance is different.

That’s so great.

WIND: Flags do a pretty funky furl, too.


WIND: And when I see chimes hanging on a porch?  I rush over and blow them into a song that’s being heard for the first time.  No two songs are ever the same.  I love that.

Me too–

WIND: And when you see a cloud in the sky?  Maybe it looks like a fairy or a unicorn or an elephant’s butt?

Yeah?  You blow all those clouds into those shapes?

WIND: I do.

You’re an amazing sculptor.

WIND: Thank you very much. Even when I blow over a glass of milk or a whole bunch of trees….the look I leave behind is unique every time.

This is so interesting. So I guess maybe you’re saying, as long as we’re here, our creativity will be with us and can carry us through?

WIND: That’s how I see it. And now, if you’ll excuse me… I gotta go.

Where are you going?

WIND: I don’t know.  But I’m on my way.


37 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH…The Wind…What Keeps It Blowing Through Time

  1. Practically speaking, I’m not a fan of strong winds (I don’t do the “wind-blown” look well), but I love the idea of creativity being a wind that blows over us when and where it will…. Thanks for this imagery!


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