Conversation with…A Lilac…about being young and old at the same time

Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, in early May, I saw a lilac growing beside a tree. Lilacs are my favorite flower ever! I cherish the time they’re here! So I rushed over to it. But I noticed the lilac looked confused and distraught. I asked:


Hey lilac, what’s the matter?

LILAC: I can’t tell you.

Oh. Okay.

LILAC: It’s too upsetting.

Alright. I won’t ask.

LILAC: It has to do with my age.

Believe it or not, I’ll understand. What’s bothering you?

LILAC: I can’t tell you.

But you just started to.

LILAC: Forget I said it.

Okay. Fine.

LILAC: The tree next to me just told me I’ll only be in the world for about two weeks. But I just got here. I’m young and getting old at the same time. I’m a freak.

Well, for what it’s worth, I’m young and getting old at the same time, too.

LILAC: Really? I think you just look older.

Oh thank you.

LILAC: I didn’t mean to insult you. I was just being honest.

What I was trying to say was, I’m older on the outside but young on the inside. Young at heart.

LILAC: Well then, you must be confused too.


LILAC: How do you deal with it? How do you stop yourself from obsessing with being older and young at the same time?

Well…I think every living creature is born with a gift. You know, some kind of outstanding talent that makes the world a better place. So, no matter how old I get, I focus on my gift and try to find new ways to use it.

LILAC: What’s your gift?

I believe it’s writing. The way I communicate. And I hope somehow, in my writing, just for a moment, I transform others. I hope I can suggest that others see the world a little bit differently through my words.

LILAC: That’s cool.

And people have all kinds of gifts. They make the world a better place through their art, music, photography, dance, recipes, families–

LILAC: I see where you’re going with this. But I’m just a flower. What’s my gift?

Your scent.

LILAC: Really? You mean, all I have to do is sit here and let people smell me?

Yes. And…you can carry on the lilac legacy—for all those lilacs who have been here before and those who will be here after you’re gone.  When you’re no longer here, others will remember your graceful, elegant petals, stunning color and most remarkable scent. You will become part of them.

I’m so neurotic. What about people who aren’t near me now? They won’t be able to smell me.

Just the sight of you will inspire them. Like this amazing illustration of a lilac created by Lisa:

I never looked better.

And! People can close their eyes and remember a time they experienced a lilac’s scent. 


I’ll show you. Friends who are reading this post, when I count to three, close your eyes and imagine the scent of a lilac. One…two…three…



What is your gift?

78 thoughts on “Conversation with…A Lilac…about being young and old at the same time

  1. heybubb….yes, she is so clever. Aren’t we lucky to be related to her? And what about YOUR gifts?
    I’m hoping to leave behind lots of quilts….art quilts, comfort quilts…..Bring on those grandchildren!

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  2. I can relate to the lilac’s dilemma and yours, too, Cathi. I associate lilacs with graduations because everyone in my family had photos taken in front of my parent’s big lilac bush – all of us kids and then the grandkids. I love the smell of them as long as they are outside, but don’t tell your lilac friend. I sneeze and get all stuffed up when I have them in a vase inside. They are beautiful, though. Inside and out. -Molly

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  3. Love Lilacs as well. Lucky to have one lilac tree in front of my house. It’s not blooming yet as spring just starting here. In a few weeks though I should be able to take beautiful pics of it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have scratch and sniff flower pictures? Nice post Cathi. xoxo

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  4. Such a lovely conversation, Cathi, and one I can only too well relate to! LOL! I can´t believe I´m nearer to 40 than 30!! Totally drives me crazy since I still feel like 16 or mid-twenties. But to know that the Lilac has the same difficulties than we have is very comforting. 🙂 And I´m sniffing it too! Also can look at one beautiful tree right in the backyard!


  5. Great conversation. You’re creative and it’s very inspiring. Thanks for such hardwork put into the post. “I’m young at heart!” This statement will keep everyone moving in life.


  6. Oh, I really like this one. It’s so true. My inside feels so much younger than my outside. We don’t have lilacs in Florida but I got to see them on a family vacation to Michigan in 2002. We were on Mackinac Island for the Lilac Festival. They were beautiful. If you see your lilac, tell her you know someone who remembers the lilacs she saw 16 years ago!


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