Conversation With…Fading Tinker Bell…About believing in older fairies

Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I noticed a fading, flickering light in the distance. As a fan of fairy tales, I knew who it was right away. Tinker Bell! From the story of Peter Pan! I remembered her light faded the same way during her story, when Captain Hook poisoned Peter Pan’s medicine and Tinker Bell drank it to save Peter’s life.  After that, children everywhere clapped their hands to voice their belief in fairies…and Tinker Bell came alive So, why was she fading again? I rushed over and cried, “Excuse me, Tinker Bell. I’m not the paparazzi. I’m a loyal fan. Why are you flickering?  What’s wrong?!” She answered in a weak, faint voice:

Tinker Bell

TINKER BELL: I flew Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road to rekindle my spirit, but it isn’t working. I’m dying.

You can’t die! How did this happen? Did you drink Peter’s poisoned medicine again?

TINKER BELL: No. The situation is quite different this time. You see, after all these years, Peter has stayed young as he was meant to. But I have aged. I’m ever so much more than 110.

But you’re a fairy! Maybe you can live longer! Why is your spirit dying?

TINKER BELL: Because I’m not useful to Peter anymore. Do you remember our story? We appear outside children’s bedroom windows at bedtime and fly them to Neverland.

Of course I remember your story! I was always waiting for you!

TINKER BELL: Well, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I can’t fly in the dark as well anymore.

So? You’re not alone. I can’t drive at night as well as I used to.

TNKER BELL: I appreciate your kind words. But that isn’t the only problem. You see, I always carry fairy dust to help children fly. But these days, I can no longer carry it. The weight of all that fairy dust throws my back out.

I have back issues too. But that’s no reason to give up on everything in older age. Can’t you try to adjust? That’s what everyone else does.


Well, as long as we’re on the subject, I’ll blurt out something that has bothered  me about the story of Peter Pan for decades. It might help.

TINKER BELL: Go ahead. I fear I’m almost dead anyway.

Stop saying that!  Listen to me! Every time I read the story of Peter Pan, I feel it’s unfair that only children get to fly to Neverland. What about adults, like me, who will always be young at heart?  Why can’t we go too?

TINKER BELL: That is an excellent question. I’d like to fly you to Neverland myself, but as I told, you, I don’t see as well at night anymore. I muddle through it with Peter, but I don’t think I can add extra excursions.

You’re missing the point. I can’t see as well at night either, so I’d be happier flying to Neverland during the day! I bet others who are young at heart would say the same thing.

TINKER BELL: Hmmm…perhaps I could manage that. But what about the fairy dust? I can’t carry it.

I’ve got that figured out too. When you decide which bedroom window you’d like to visit, go ahead and order fairy dust from a few days in advance. Use their two-day delivery service with free shipping.

TINKER BELL: Hmmm….Tempting thought.

Yes! And that way, the fairy dust will be waiting for you on any  bedroom windowsill as soon as you arrive there.

TINKER BELL: You know, I think this could work.


TINKER BELL: But there’s one other thing I’ll need before I begin taking others on daytime trips to Neverland.

What’s that?

TINKER BELL: Heartfelt support to keep me alive.

What do you mean?

TINKER BELL: I’ll explain. As you recall, in my story, when I drank Peter’s poisoned medicine and almost died, Peter asked children everywhere to clap their hands to prove they believed in fairies.

I remember I clapped so loudly, my hands almost fell off.

TINKER BELL: That was you? Oh thank you. Anyway, now I must ask all those who will always be young at heart to clap for me again, and chant: “I believe in older fairies. I believe in older fairies.”

I’m in. And…everyone reading this post who feels the way I do, please, please clap your hands and chant along with me: “I believe in older fairies! I believe in older fairies! I believe in older fairies! I believe in older fairies!!!!!”


I’d like to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to all those who clapped and chanted. We brought Tinker Bell back to life. From this day forward, please listen for a light tapping on your bedroom window. Yes, it might be a woodpecker. But you never know. It might also be Tinker Bell, waiting to fly you to Neverland.


84 thoughts on “Conversation With…Fading Tinker Bell…About believing in older fairies

  1. Thank you for the magical read this morning! I love Tinker Bell, so does my youngest daughter. I’m clapping for TB and for you and your fun post!! Enjoy your magical weekend.


  2. I clapped and I chanted – now I’m waiting! 😉 Lovely post, Cathi! I always loved Peter Pan, read the book of course and watched every movie – even the very first one which was awesome by the way. Thanks for bringing back those memories! 💖

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  3. I love everything you write. It is brilliant. You can capture everything about aging in such a unique way. Are you putting all your writings together into a book? I think it would make a marvelous gift.


  4. I may never stop clapping…Tinker Bell lives in my heart forever and on my dresser in porcelain too, never mind the Madame Alexander dolls! My arthritic fingers may tire, but my still beating heart pushes them on. There may be wrinkles on my face, but never in my mind. I believe in older fairies, forever! Thank-you!

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  5. Somehow Tinker Bell would have a hard time competing against all the violent videos that capture kids’ attention these days, instead of the idea of the more innocent escapes to Neverland. The world has changed and not much for the better. We definitely could use a big load of fairy dust.

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  6. Tink! Can you help me?!! I’m having a serious Senior Moment!!! Your interview reminds of this Disney song about something living in your heart . . . . I can only vaguely remember the chorus “cause when something something something lives in your heart . . .” I’m thinking it was sung by Jimminy Cricket? So sorry. My memory is awful. Can you remember? Anybody?

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  7. Whether or not Tink ever comes to my window I will always believe in her and in all other fairies. I believe Amazon Prime may be of help to her in ensuring that delivery of the fairy dust is as swift and timely as possible to the relevant window on a particular day. I found it very helpful when I ordered your book and knew exactly how many (few actually) sleeps I had before the little parcel of delight dropped into my rather tired looking mailbox. It perked up immediately and I have been sharing snippets with it each time I go to collect the mail ever since. Do you know something? The effect on us both, creaky and a little rusty as we both are, is really like a sprinkling of fairy dust 😊


  8. You should SEE the look my cat is giving me, as I jump up and down clapping my hands and shouting. Just as well he runs—fairy dust makes him sneeze, and Tink ain’t no mouse bait!

    See you on the dark side of the moon, second star on the right & straight on ’til morning! ❤

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    • Oh! I hope Tinker Bell comes to and finds you, too! When I was little, I used to sing the Peter Pan “Neverland” song and “I Won’t Grow Up” song all the time. Those are from a video with Mary Martin, before the Disney animated version. It was the best!


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  10. What a great blog! Love your writing style and of course the content! So happy you gave Tink what she needed to continue to live her purpose. Brilliant! I clapped of course. I absolutely do believe! ❤


  11. Delightful. Simply Delightful! And how odd, I was just watching (actually, re-watching for the 1000th time) “Finding Neverland”. How very magical indeed. 🙂


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