Welcome to my allegory for those who are growing older but will always be young at heart.  Especially moms.

My kids have grown up and the house where my husband and I raised them is definitely “no place like home.”  It’s so quiet and neat I hardly recognize it.  At the same time, as a longtime writer for television, I’m feeling the need to fly “somewhere over the rainbow” to explore a different creative voice.

So to find my spark and figure out where I belong in the world, I return to the place where wisdom and heartfelt truths about life unfold… the Yellow Brick Road.  This time, I see it through the eyes of middle aged characters and beyond.  To name a few, I’ve chatted with a graying dandelion,  a raisin whose heart is breaking as she lets go of her grape kids, and an older tree feeling much more fragile than she used to. Even the Tooth Fairy is considering a second career as an Implant Fairy. They’re all searching for ways to hold onto their sparks or find new ones. Every conversation reminds me that different ages and stages are revolving around us all the time…and our creativity carries us through.  I hope you’ll join me on my allegorical journey.  I welcome your thoughts and comments. We’re all still evolving and part of something bigger.