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  1. Love these ruminations. This is when we seem to have time to stop and think about the passing time. We are often caught up in our schedules. Not yet! Tomorrow, class will begin. But today I am free. I love the open spaces of time now. No kids (no dog) to run for, taking a day off to do my own ruminations. There is more room for creativity. And I enjoy the solitude. The quiet time to do what I want. For the moment.


  2. I too have learnt to cherish the solitude that comes with talking to my own raisins, greying dandelions and the Tooth Implant Faery. I think I have a few other interesting beings scattered around my Yellow Brick Road too with whom I commune! Thank you so much for the follow. I’m wearing my red shoes and dancing along your brick road too 🙂


  3. I love your conversations, which address issues we grapple with as we get older. The conversation with the old lady living in the shoe is particularly relevant to me at the moment


    • Hi! Thank you for the suggestion. I am not a tech-y person AT ALL. So, can I ask, why do you suggest I add a search widget? Is my list of recent blog titles too long at this point? I work with a tech-y person who can help me with this, so details about your suggestion will be helpful. Cathi

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  4. I was reading your About Me page, and wanted to go back to read some of your old posts, but not knowing which month they were published I had no idea where I would find them.I didn’t have one either for quite a while until my son suggested I add it so he could search for posts more easily. And I must admit, having one now makes it much easier for me to do quick searches if I am looking for something now that I have been blogging long enough to have nigh on a 1000 posts in archives.
    The other reason i was suggesting it will become clear when you read my post for today – https://soulgifts.com.au/2018/04/26/chatting-with-a-chair/
    When you get to the Soul Gifting part at the bottom, click on the link under the picture of the box. You will find the first paragraph of interest…. I hope 🙂


    • OMG Raili! I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful words you wrote about my blog. The smile on my face is so bright and broad you can probably see it all the way across the world. I’m so glad, in spirit, we are not worlds apart at all. In fact, spiritually speaking, we’re quite close. Also, when my tech-y friend comes over in a week or two, I will ask her to help me set up a search bar. I’m terrified to try it by myself. LOL. Sad but true. Sending you love and appreciation! Cathi

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      • I’m delighted to have been able to do this! I can feel your grin 🙂 I’m not tech-savvy either, by the way. I procrastinate, delay, get the jitters at the very thought of having to tackle IT stuff. But when eventually I steel myself to do it, take a deep, deep breath and plunge in, I sometimes even surprise myself!! Setting up my blog was one of THE most challenging things I have ever done. Most would probably do it in no time at all. It took me weeks and weeks of brain straining and stretching!!! And now never-ending tweaking, which still has me on edge… it’s good exercise to keep the brain active and fit. That’s what I tell myself. Good luck xxx


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